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Allie Tells Stories! 

Here, you will find storytelling for all, in all kinds of forms.  

Allison Lerman-Gluck (she/her/hers) is a theatre and storytelling educator with over a decade of experience. She earned her BA in Theatre, Education, and Community Building from Hampshire College and her MA in Applied Theatre through the CUNY system.


Allison uses storytelling as a means of building community through radical empathy and has devised over a dozen plays with groups across the Northeast. She has taught storytelling with The Moth, Children at the Well, and Narrative 4. She currently works as a freelance storytelling and theatre teaching artist for folks of all ages and abilities with CATA, Dorot, Barrington Stage Company, and other organizations. Allison also created an interactive storytelling series on YouTube. Her work was recently featured through the Kennedy Center's "Teaching Artists Present" program.

Allie also does work on disability education and advocacy through storytelling. You can find more of her work on chronic illness and disability on her Instagram account, The Illness Chronicles. If you are interested in hiring Allie as a disability and accessibility consultant, please reach out to her directly!

You can find some of Allie's published written work at Hey Alma! and Tablet Magazine

If you are interested in learning more about Allie's other endeavors, please visit her alternate website at:

About Me

~My Services~

Interactive Storytelling

Join me~ or invite your young people to join me~ as I tell original, interactive stories that invite the viewer to be part of the storytelling experience. We'll go on adventures together and use our imaginations to leave our living rooms behind! These sessions are free and open to anyone. 

Visit Allie Tells Stories on YouTube to join the adventure!

Sponsor a Story

Hire me to create a story or story series for your classroom, school district, business, or organization. Are you doing distance learning? Do you have employees who are working from home? I will create a video series for you based on your needs! I am also available for in-person events. 

Contact me for rates.

Individual Storytelling Sessions

I will share an original interactive story with your young ones or your family that is specifically tailored to skills  and knowledge that you are working on building. The 30-45 minute session will take place in a private video conferencing call, and also includes a fifteen-minute private consultation to make sure that your session is perfectly tailored to YOUR family's needs! If you are interested in this option, please email me directly.

Consultant and Professional Development Work

Hire me as a consultant for your office, company, or organization! I lead professional development sessions on disability and accessibility, storytelling, play, communication, and equity and bias in the workplace. 

Contact me for rates!

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